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Helmuth Billy, MD always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 190 reviews with an average rating of 4.89 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Helmuth Billy, MD below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Diana J.
Submitted 02/23/18
I appreciate the time Dr Billy takes to explain everything. He’s amazing!
Frances G.
Submitted 04/27/17
on April 5, 2016 I had gastric bypass, at my heaviest weight of 235lbs being 5"1" in height, i suffered from back pain and hip pain, swollen knees, foot pain, had bad acid reflux, and my bmi was at 44.5 that's morbidly obese, i went to my first seminar back in January 2016, and that's when I made my decision, although I kept trying to back out, when my doctor said he'd get me a referral to dr billy I cried like a baby, I was so ashamed and disappointed in myself , after talking with my husband, he was on track with me, after he saw me in so much pain for so many years, he encouraged me to go through it, now at 105lbs lighter, weighing 130lbs I feel amazing, my family history is diabetes, renal failure, high cholesterol, strokes I've had family members pass away from these diseases and just recently lost my mom from diabetes, i thank god for this chance and the opportunity to make this life change, dr billy and his staff are so amazing and so caring of what is good for you, they call to check up on you, and always answer back phone calls, this saved my life, i was on borrowed time, the pain is gone, the mood is calmer, happy and more active, Ive learned alot about myself through this whole process, It can't hurt you but help you
Submitted 12/27/16
I attended my first seminar in 2011 regarding weight loss surgey at Dr. Billy's. I had always told myself that I could lose the weight on my own without surgery with dieting and exercising. In 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS and realized that losing weight was a lot harder due to PCOS and already being heavy. I made one of the best decisions in my life and started my Pre-Op appointments in December 2015. I had Gastric Sleeve performed in July 2016 and have been enjoying my life in so many more ways. Thank you Dr. Billy & Staff for all the help and support during my journey. Thank you for giving me a life that I love and excited for what the future holds.
Lisa C.
Submitted 07/20/16
Look no further, he is the best. He truly had my health and best interest at heart. This is no "one and done " practice. He is as pationate about your weight loss as you are. His staff is exceptional as well. Current gastric bypass surgery patient. Very recently and feeling great. 40 pounds down already ! Dr Billy, will help you shed the pounds and allow the real you to shine through !!! Very happy patient :-)
Nancy B.
Submitted 05/23/16
50 yrs of obesity . . . yes all my life. I had severe sleep apnea with a C-PAP machine set at 14 cm of pressure with 2 liters of oxygen in order to get proper sleep. I took Neurontin for neuropathy pain in my arms and legs, 2 medications for high blood pressure, medication for diabetes, 2 antidepressants 1 at night and different one for day time, Vioxx, 2 inhalers plus 3 to 4 (750mg) of Vicodin a day for all the other aches and pains. Besides the arthritis in my neck, hips, and knees I also have bone spurs in my lower back and both heels. I went to my PCP, Dr Carolyn Chase, and asked her to please help me, I was physically and mentally drained from my obesity, and afraid I wouldn’t live much longer if I didn’t get help. She told me of a (then) new doctor in town named Dr. Helmuth T. Billy who specializes in bariatric surgery. I went with tears in my eyes asking him to please help me because I wanted to live longer and be healthy so I could enjoy my wonderful husband and grandchildren. He said that I was super morbidly obese with a BMI of 52 and qualified to have the procedure. On January 21, 2003 at 11:30 a.m. Sara Reyes, RN held my hand to start me on the best day of my healthy new life. With my great support system Donald (husband), Sara Reyes RN, Dr Billy and the rest of his staff I know I can enjoy everything and do anything I choose to do. One thing I enjoy the most, besides my family, is giving back to anyone who wants to know about this wonderful gift I have and to support all of them through the process of having bariatric surgery. Life is brief and very fragile, and only loaned to us for awhile. Thank God I woke up in time to enjoy a wonderful life.
Becky M.
Submitted 05/23/16
December 15, 2005 was the day Dr. Billy changed my life! I had been obese for most of my adult life. I tried every diet under the sun including Weight Watchers, medications and just plain diet and exercise. I would loose weight only to gain all back. Then my sister called to tell me she was approved to have gastric bypass surgery. She did research and talked to people who had the surgery, and after all the research, she found out that Dr. Billy was the best surgeon to do the surgery. I had also been doing research but thought because of my insurance, I could not have weight-loss surgery. My sister said I should call Dr. Billy’s office and go to the information meeting and find out. I went to the meeting and I was very impressed with Dr. Billy and his weight-loss program and knew after that meeting I had to have the surgery. I went through all the medical tests and meetings with Dr. Billy in record time so that my sister and I could have the surgery on the same day! Dr. Billy’s staff worked with both of us to make sure we had the surgery the same day. We had our surgery on December 15, 2005 just hours apart and we even shared the same hospital room. Dr. Billy and his staff were with us every step of the process. And even though it has been 4 years since my surgery, I know I can count on Dr. Billy and his support staff to be there for me for the rest of my life.
Cindi F.
Submitted 05/23/16
I became morbidly obese after I gave birth to my last child. I was 32 years old and lived the next 17 years as an obese person. I was 263 pounds and stopped caring about my health. I was always a thin person until I became pregnant, so I never saw myself as unhealthy and obese. I began to have back and knee pain so I decided to join the Weight Watchers program at 33 and lost over 35 pounds in one year. I managed to keep the weight off for a few months, but regained the weight back. I continued on this yo-yo dieting path for the next 16 years until I heard about Dr. Billy’s program from my family doctor Stanley Frochtzwajg. I was motivated by what my doctor told me about Dr. Billy’s program, and that he had several patients who were successful at weight loss only after this procedure. It was at that moment that I knew I needed to do some serious research. After many months of research, I attended one of Dr. Billy’s seminars and received a list of his patients that had the RNY surgery. I must have called over 35 people and asked many questions. While I was researching, my sister informed me that she too was researching gastric bypass and discovered Dr. Billy. In 2005 my sister and I decided to have Dr. Billy perform our surgery at Community Memorial Hospital on the same day a few hours apart. We then recovered from surgery and practiced our new eating skills together for a week. Dr. Billy’s support team was very supportive of my sister and I over the course of our journey to good health. I have lost over 125 pounds and continue to maintain a healthy weight. I attribute my success to attending monthly support group meetings, reading food labels, keeping my calorie count at 1500, walking and of course my sister. The gastric bypass surgery saved me from a lifetime of obesity and restored my health. My only regret was that I didn’t know about Dr. Billy’s program earlier.
Terri F.
Submitted 05/23/16
I have been obese my entire life. I was the fattest child in my kindergarten class and it continued through my adult life. I finally reached my heaviest weight of 248 pounds and was a size 22. I came to my obesity by rights; my entire family was morbidly obese, my father weighed over 400 pounds. My grandmother and mother were always on some sort of a diet. I can remember as a child going to “fat camp” and my grandmother put me on some version of weight watches in the early ‘70s. As a young adult I was always on some sort of weight loss program: Weight Watchers, Phen Phen, Herbal life, pills, shots, you name it, I’ve tried it, more than once. I would always to lose 30-40 lbs. and then turn around and gain 50-60 lbs. back. It finally came to a screeching HALT in 2007 when I was looking through photo albums of trips that I had taken over the past few years. Looking at the most recent pictures, I really began to notice, “Who is this fat person”, and then reality set in, “I HATE HER”. I was embarrassed at who I had become. Now, how was I going to fix it? I had heard of “gastric bypass” a few years earlier and wasn’t interested. Once I began looking for an answer to my problem, I telephoned my physician who recommended Dr. Billy. I attended one of his informational seminars, and was completely hooked! I made a phone call the next day that changed my life forever. I had gastric bypass surgery on November 7, 2007. I have lost 100 pounds and gone from a size 22 down to a size 2. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. I have so much gratitude for Dr. Billy and his wonderful, knowledgeable staff. There is not a day goes by that I am not truly thankful for the life I now have and enjoy.
Michele J.
Submitted 05/23/16
My surgery date was October 8, 2007. I chose the Lap-Band and it has given me a new lease on life! I no longer have back pain or plantar faciitis; I don’t need a seat belt extender on airplanes. I can now live life to its fullest; I am not being held back by my weight. I enjoy working out and like to kayak, hike, play tennis and to do anything active that keeps me moving! Listening to Dr. Billy and following ALL of his advice has allowed me to lose 90lbs. It is not difficult if you apply yourself to your new lifestyle—embrace it! You will be amazed with the results.
Angie B.
Submitted 05/23/16
My husband and I cannot thank Dr. Billy and his office enough for helping us lead a healthier lifestyle. We were at our wits end; we had both tried every kind of weight loss solution out there. We tried the Cabbage Soup diet, the Atkins diet, working with a Weight Loss Coach, a nutritionist, a psychologist to try Hypnotherapy, numerous exercise programs and continually struggles to try and eat less and eat healthy. Some of these worked for a few months, but most of them didn’t work at all or we couldn’t stick with them. The Lap Band procedure and Dr. Billy’s support system were what made the difference for me and my husband. We started the process by attending one of Dr. Billy’s informational seminars. This was a very interesting experience. At the seminar, Dr. Billy said to the group that if we expected to have the surgery and automatically loose the weight without changing any of our bad habits, then we should leave now, because the surgery is only a tool and it won’t work if we don’t eat the right foods. This scared us a bit. We really had to make a conscience decision that we were ready to eat right and put in the effort to make this work. That this was not just a magic pill that we could pay for surgery, have a procedure and automatically loose weight. So, why was this different? This worked because the Lap Band really did make us feel full faster, so we ate less. And it gave us more control over our hunger. It was easier to ignore those stomach rumblings and those feeling of hunger. But what really made the difference was the support offered at the office. The informational seminars pre and post surgery and the support groups offered monthly, really helped us to understand what we needed to do to be successful. We came in every 4-6 weeks for a follow up appointment, got weighed and discussed our struggles with Nurse Jessica and Dr. Billy. The staff is always compassionate and caring, but they are also very honest and frank about what steps you need to do to be successful. One of the big realizations that I had, was that my reasons or excuses for not doing the things necessary to loose weight were just that excuses. Sometimes they were valid, but regardless of their validity, I still needed to find a way to do the healthy thing. I needed to plan my meals or look online at a calorie chart before going out so that I would make a healthy choice that was within my calorie allotment for the meal or make time for my exercise routine. Dr. Billy has amazing support people on staff. A nutritionist that teaches you how to eat and a personal trainer that offers a fitness class help at the office. The Fitness class was the thing that really helped me to be successful. I started taking the fitness class about a month after my surgery and I have continued to take the class ever since. The trainer is great and very compassionate. Just like all of the staff at Dr. Billy’s office. The trainer made me and everyone that comes into the class feel welcome and comfortable. The class allows you to progress from whatever level of fitness you are at. I started the first day and didn’t think that I could keep up and now I work with the trainer and help train. My husband and I had our surgery in July 2008. Just a year later in July 2009 my husband has lost over 100 lbs and I have lost over 50 lbs. We feel good, have energy and very thankful and appreciative of Dr. Billy and his staff for helping us with our journey.


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