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Lifestyle Wellness Program


As you know, losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. Your surgery will give you an incredible push in the right direction, but it will still take YOU to keep the momentum moving forward. Transformation takes action, through challenging old habits and learning new skills. Change is not comfortable; you will need coaching and accountability. Remember this is not just surgery, this is a life change!

Ventura Advanced Surgical Associates proudly introduces its’ new Lifestyle Wellness Program. This program is designed as a valuable tool for bariatric patients to achieve weight loss success… for a lifetime!

The Lifestyle Wellness Program combines the knowledge of a Dietician and Psychologist to create a program that will motivate, empower and inspire you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In eight-week cycles, the program works with you to identify triggers and modify behaviors that can sabotage weight loss as well as create strategies to maintain lifelong success.

The Lifestyle Wellness Program Becomes Your Ongoing Support and Accountability Partner!



During the pre-operative phase, certain key behaviors will be assessed by our Psychologist and Dietician. Key areas will be identified for post-operative support and coaching. Throughout the pre and post op journey, clients will have an opportunity to hear about how this program will benefit their chances for long-term success. Your entry into this program will then be discussed and scheduled into your follow-up program.

The Lifestyle Wellness Program starts at eight weeks post-op. Initially, the client will meet with Dr. Gibson to create an individualized plan. The patient is then enrolled in individual weekly appointments with Michele Biederman, RD.


Lifestyle Wellness Program

After completing an 8-week cycle, the patient is referred to Dr. Gibson or Michele Biederman, RD for re-assessment and further planning for support and coaching. Patients are able to reenroll in the program as needed to receive the support they need from our team.

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