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Revision Surgery Specialist

Helmuth Billy, MD

Bariatric Surgeons located in Ventura, CA

Revision surgery is complex and should only be performed by a highly-experienced surgeon. Dr. Helmuth Billy, MD, of Ventura Advanced Surgery Associates in Ventura, CA has extensive expertise in providing revision weight-loss surgery for patients throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Revision Surgery Q & A

What are the reasons for revision weight-loss surgery?

Most patients achieve excellent weight loss and maintain that loss long-term. However, in some cases, weight loss is not what was expected, or the weight is regained. Also, occasionally there are complications following procedure, such as slippage of a lap band or stomach stables that pop. As a leading weight loss surgeon, Dr. Billy is skilled at addressing these problems with a variety of leading-edge revision procedures.

What type of revision surgeries are available?

A number of options exist. No two people are alike. After a complete examination, Dr. Billy advises patients whether they are good candidates for revision surgery, and, if so, which procedure is best. Some of the revision surgery options are:

  • Restoring a stomach pouch to its original post gastric bypass surgery size.
  • Insertion of a lap band after bypass surgery.
  • Gastric bypass after a lap band procedure.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery after a lap band procedure.
  • Replacing the original lap band with a new one.
  • Duodenal switch after a lap band procedure. Duodenal switch is a complex, multipart surgery that involves removing about 80% of the stomach, as well as, a small part of the small intestine.

What kind of results can I expect from revision surgery?

Every patient and situation are different. But in many instances weight loss is dramatic. In gastric sleeve surgery following an earlier lap band procedure, for example, some patients lose up to 70% of their excess weight. As with the primary surgery, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to ensure permanent weight loss.

Will my insurance cover revision weight-loss surgery?

Generally speaking, insurance should cover revision surgery in a similar manner to the original surgery, if your insurance carrier agrees that revision surgery is medically necessary.


Ventura Advanced Surgical Associates is a preferred provider with many health plans including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health Net PPO, Gold Coast MediCal, and others. Dr. Billy is also a provider with Kaiser Permanente Southern California. You must contact Heather Jacobsen regarding bariatric surgery and insurance coverage. She can also answer questions regarding our billing policies. You can reach Heather by email at or by phone. Please leave her a detailed message and she will get back to you. Heather Jacobsen, Insurance and Billing Specialist: 805-676-9100 x118.

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