Our Team

Dr. Billy has assembled an outstanding team of health professionals to assist you in your journey to a newer, lighter, healthier self.


Helmuth Billy, M.D.

Pulmonary & Sleep Specialist: 

Andrew Binder, M.D.,F.C.C.P.,F.A.A.S.M.


Michele Beiderman, R.D.


Heather Gibson, Ph.D.

Clinical Nurses: 

Sara Reyes, R.N., B.S.N., C.B.N; Bariatric Nurse Educator

Melissa Stephenson, R.N., C.B.N; Clinic Nurse

Management Staff:

Samantha Billy, Corporate Administrator

Becky Shipp, Practice Manager

Heather Jacobsen, Insurance Coordinator

Alia Farrar, Business Development, and Marketing Manager

Celina Alonzo, Finance and Facilities Manager

Support Staff:

Maggy Ojeda, Clinical Technician

Tracy Collins, M.A.

Jackie Arzola, Front Desk Receptionist

Nancy Kent-Barber, Patient Support Facilitator

Jackie Gonzalez, Patient Health Educator

Kathryn Kushner, Patient Health Educator


Gastric Bypass Surgery

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